EmeiLogoEmei Qigong is a comprehensive system of Chan (Zen) Qigong that generates vital energy and leads to the attainment of ever higher levels of awareness. The study and practice of Emei Qigong promotes strong physical health, emotional balance and spiritual development.

Emei Qigong unlocks “meta-intelligence” and clears the way for the emergence of great human potential. This effective, multi-level system was distilled by Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong from the vast troves of knowledge he commands as 13th lineage holder of Emei Qigong. It is simple to follow—but that is not to say that this is an easy path.

The practice emphasizes internal cultivation and cleansing the heart, which allow latent abilities to surface and the true nature of humanity and one's self to be expressed. Emei Qigong is a way of life that develops compassion, wisdom and power.

Emei Qigong differs from most other Qigong systems in several important ways:

True Qigong should go beyond qi-generating forms and postures. True Qigong is a way of life.

Emei Qigong recognizes that our planet is facing tremendous challenges and that this reflects a divide between the forces of kindess and evil. We find ourselves attracted to negative thoughts and emotions, the effects of which enter our minds and bodies. These present obstacles and challenges for us that can be overcome by strengthening our internal state. When the internal organs are strong and the heart is pure, the harmful energy of external evils are unable to enter.

The methods of Emei Qigong allow us to unify with the Wuji qi, the infinite emptiness from which all things sprang. It is a process of empowerment. The very specific techniques and Chan postures and forms of Emei Qigong, passed down through an unbroken lineage for almost 800 years, help elevate the student to higher levels of consciousness. By moving internal energy and cultivating the heart-mind, the past can be cleared and the heart can be fully purified and opened. When the heart is open, enlightenment and peace become a reality.