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The Level I seminar is a good place to start learning how to balance body, mind and spirit. Students can use this knowledge for their own healing or for their healing professions.

In Levels II and III, Grandmaster Fu transmits deeper knowledge and secrets of the Emei Qigong healing arts, which can enhance both personal and professional practices. Each course levels are independent and complete on its own, we name it I, II, III for convenience.  

  • For the sick: Learn effective methods to help you to regain your health
  • For the serious student who is searching for the right school to follow: You will find what you are looking for here at Emei Qigong School
  • For the curious: Come experience the life-changing teaching of Emei Qigong

Join us and let us cultivate our body, mind and spirit together

The following is the general course content:

Day one

  1. Learn qi-feeling techniques. This will help you to initiate your qi sensation.

  2. Learn the Wuji Gong form. Wuji Gong, the powerful fundamental form of Emei Qigong, can help you to restore health and further your spiritual development. There will be daily practice.

  3. Brief history of Emei Qigong

  4. What is Qigong?

  5. Emei Qigong’s view of the universe

  6. Qi information in everything

  7. Secrets of qi information healing ability

  8. Elements of qi information healing

  9. How to use empowered objects for self-healing. These objects, empowered by Grandmaster Fu, are the most convenient way to do self-healing and to heal others. They are the healer’s best friend, as an empowered object protects the healer and the environment by neutralizing diseased energy. Consequently, the healer does not have to do daily energy cleansing. The empowered object does not have to be cleaned because it has self-cleansing power.

Qigong Exercise

1. Wuji Gong practice

2. Timing for cultivating and practicing Qigong

3. Place for cultivating Qigong

4. Emei Qigong’s view of human illness

5. Emei sacred healing sounds. These sounds provide a powerful internal organ self-massage. They balance and harmonize the energy of the internal organs.

7. Emei sacred healing sounds practice

8. Empowered object sitting meditation

Day Two

1. Wuji Gong practice

2. Emei sacred healing sounds practice

3. The basic concept of yin-yang

4. Taiji – a simplified in-depth explanation

5. How to sustain happiness

6. Human body life energy field

7. A layman’s view of karma

8. Method to transfer and clear diseases. Many healing methods are effective for treating illnesses, but they are temporary. They suppress the illness only for a time, and they do not eradicate the root cause of the illness. Consequently, when the conditions are right, the illness will reactivate. The subsequent illnesses are fiercer and more difficult to treat than they were initially. The self-healing method to transfer and clear diseases eradicates illness at its root, transfers it to another place, and then extinguishes and dissolves the diseased energy information. This is entirely different from other methods, which merely suppress the illness.

9. On gathering qi from trees

10. On detecting and identifying disease via the bodily sense

11. Disease qi disperses and universal qi enters

12. Practice transfer and clear diseases method

13. Qi transmission methods

14. Universal mantra qi transmission

15. Empowered objects for healing others

Level I is the foundation of all the higher-level Emei Qigong training. But even if you do not want to go further, you will benefit greatly from the many effective methods taught in Level I, which you can use for yourself and to help your family and friends. As you may be aware, we don’t do that much to promote Emei Qigong to the public. We believe that people who have the karma to learn this treasure will find their way to us, instead of us finding them.

When people are serious about finding the real Qigong, a Qigong with depth that can be followed a long way, surely they will discover Emei Qigong. 

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