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Prerequisite: Successful completion of Emei Qigong Levels I and II Seminars

A Brief Introduction to Emei Qigong Level III

Training course on: Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Methods Written by: Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong

All causes of the five types of human ailments are related to energy. The development of all ailments is the result of discord with the force of nature.

The force of nature has been previously referred to as the wuji energy. It consists of the pre- and post-birth energy information of all things.

All illness originates and derives from energy. In the context of our daily lives, the energy information of all things is of the three domains of heaven, earth and humanity.

Although the causes of problems may seem to be diverse and bizarre, they all fit into the five types of human ailments within the domains of heaven, earth and humanity. In other words, the root causes of any problem can be traced back to the interaction of the conditions of the three domains of heaven, earth and humanity. Important points include:

  1. The energy information from heaven that causes illness in humans includes: the sun, moon, stars, clouds, thunder, lightning, rain, snow, hail, dew, wind, frost, fog, rainbows and so on.

  2. The energy information from earth that causes illness in humans includes: mountains, oceans, rivers, lakes, springs, ponds, swamps, areas after volcanic eruptions, areas after earthquakes, houses, rooms, woods, plants and flowers, gardens, earth, daily things we use, things we wear and carry, interior decorations, furniture, musical instruments, directions, animals, energy entities and so on.

  3. The energy information from humanity that causes illness in humans includes: family members, relatives, friends, people from all walks of life in society, current life experiences, past lives’ karma, ghosts and so on.

Any of the qi/energy information above, combined with the people, events and things at that moment, could interact with the seven emotions arising from someone’s heart. The resulting energy information then follows the inborn energy functions of the five organs (as shown in the five elements classification chart in Level II) that automatically and promptly convey it to a certain part of the body. Not only does the combined energy information affect the human body at that particular moment, it is also stored there and will reproduce the same effects in the future.

I believe you all remember that “heart” is the extreme micro-particle composing each cell of the body. These particles are so small that it is impossible to describe them in any contemporary human language. But each one of these micro-particles is a manifestation of an entire universal space. The “heart” affects the whole body because it is located in every cell.

This stored energy information is referred to as residual energy information. Residual energy information can be stirred up anytime and anywhere by the seven emotions, thereby causing incessant and increasing severity of illness. It possesses characteristics that exist in time and space and also characteristics that are unbound by time and space.
The manifestation of symptoms and sensations in a person is the result of residual energy information acting on the human body. The core content for the Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method seminar teaches the student to search for, locate and identify residual energy information. You can do this for yourself or with the help of a healer who has cultivated this ability.

The unique techniques taught in this course to rid the body of residual energy information use the "healing method that counters perception and comprehension of events and reasons" as well as the empowered objects to eradicate the residual energy information in the body. These two methods are the important measures for healing psychologically related problems and eliminating the root causes of problems that result from discord of heart energy and force of nature.  

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